Our range of dental products Oxylabo (dental materials, implant extractors, dental spreader, disinfection products …) bring together innovative and complementary solutions to facilitate, diversify your care and retain your patient.

Our offer has only one objective: the complete rehabilitation of the smile.

Our products- Our services

Hygiene & DisinfectionOur aimis to protectyour staff and your patients from possible risks of crossed infection, whatdrives to disinfectionproductswithadvancedchemical formulations.

Our products have a high safetylevel for decontamination, disinfection and sterilisation.

Dental MaterialsLarge range of dental materials :

  • Photopolymerisablesliners
  • Dual cure bondings
  • Temporarymaterials
  • Impression materials
  • Cavities liners
  • Toothstump reforming and screwpostsealing
  • Flowable composites
  • Filling composites

Air treatmentBeewairdevelopped an exclusive technics, called DBD-Lyse, thatconsists of cutting all contaminants and odorousmoleculesthrough a physico chemicalprocess in a treatmentchamber (reactor) beforemineralisingthem(transformation intostabilisedmolecules).

Processgenerates free radicals, veryoxidant and with a short lifespan

Dental Cheek and Lip RetractorProphy Vision is an innovatingcheelretractor, offering a wideoperatoryfield for a dry treatment (awayfrom saliva and blood), equippedwith a system keepingtongueaway, adaptable corners retractors, as well as a, adjustableduct for saliva suction.
Dental implant removalInstrument dedicated to removal, either implant  or screwpost, brokennaturalroots, closingscrew, healingabutmentremoval.

Theirremovalswon’t cause you troubles anymore.

Periodontal Treatment DevicePainlessdescaling and periodontics.

Round movements, verylow vibrations amplitude, titaniumtips

Includes 8 tips + 2 handpieces + 2 dynamometricwrench + 2 sterilisation cases

Handpieces rentalRental of dental instruments with NO COMMITMENT

(Turbines, Contra-angles, handpieces …)

Rental has never been so simple.

Handpieces repairRepair– service – engraving

Of all yourdynamic instruments (turbines, contra-angles, handpieces, scalers, micromotors, implantology, couplers…)


All brands (Kavo, Bien-Air, W&H, Sirona, NSK, Anthogyr, Lares, BA internationaln MK dent …)

6 monthswarranty

handpiece Drainer oilDrainers for all yourdynamic instruments (Turbines, contra-angles, handpieces …)

Efficient draining of fluidsafterlubrication.

T-NET : Drainer for 8 instruments + place for 1 lubricationaerosol

T-NET+ : Numbereddrainer for 15 instruments